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Recipes Book, new app for Android
January 04 2022 (11:42:13) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

A new free App for Android. Recipes Book is a collection of step-by-step recipes to make with your favorite food processor. Download Recipes Book for free. Enjoy your meal!!!

Recipes Book

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Flags Live Wallpaper for Android
June 18 2021 (10:43:27) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

A new Live Wallpaper for Android. Display your favourite country waving flag on your device with a lots of customizations. Download Flags Live wallpaper for free. Have fun!!! :-)


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EmuPSX XL the Playstation emulator
October 21 2020 (09:02:27) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

A new and free Playstation emulator app for Android. All Playstation 1 nostalgic can download it from emulators section or from Google Play. The app is very fast and very easy to use. Have fun!!! :-)


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Blocks Killers review on
October 14 2020 (19:24:41) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

A new review for one of our app Blocks Killers on Our app is listed in the "Top Games To Tryout in October 2020".

You can read the article here:

Blocks Killers

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Airport Escape review on
March 06 2020 (20:25:28) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

We are very proud to have a review of our app Airport Escape on Our app is listed in the article "Top Hidden Gems That Can Be Played Offline".

You can read the article here:


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