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Animal Sounds XL
Help your children to learn different animals and their sounds.
Bubble Level XL
An easy to use and accurate bubble level.
Buzzing News
Buzzing News blog, official app.
Calculator XL
An easy to use calculator with big buttons and a large display.
Coloring and Paint
Coloring and Paint is a virtual coloring book designed for school-age children, preschoolers and baby.
Compass XL
Compass XL, search bearings using the device magnetic sensors and GPS.
Easter Date
This app calculate the date of Easter of any year.
Emu64 XL
An easy to use Commodore 64 Emulator.
Full Light
Full light is a full screen flashlight, you can use your screen like a flashlight.
IVA Easy
Simple IVA calculator (IVA is the Italian VAT).
Love Test
Calculate and share the love's affinity for a couple of people.
NET Look
A network analyzer useful to check your device network configuration, explore your LAN and check WAN connection parameters.
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