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"Airport Escape" coming soon
September 11 2016 (09:19:47) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

Airport Escape our new escape game it's coming soon for Android and iOS. This app is the third episode of our escape game series (Episode I: Lab Escape - Episode II: Castle Escape). See the screenshots and have fun!!! ;-)

Airport Escape


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"Blocks Killer" free app released
February 19 2016 (19:59:12) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

Blocks Killer a new app just released for Android and iOS. Forget all your business and play but be careful, the game will steal you. Download it for free now!!!

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"Icons Quest" a funny free app for Android and iOS
December 16 2015 (14:11:10) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

A new very funny app was released for Android and iOS "Icons Quest", a funny guess the word style game. The goal of this game is to arrange the letters to find a mysterious word. To guess the mysterious word you have up to 4 icons or emoticons related with the hidden word. There are some special levels when you have to guess movies, places, videogames and more.
You can unlock more levels with stars. This app tests your knowledge at solving words puzzles, if you get stuck on a level you can try to use an hint or ask to your friends.
You have a lot of words to guess with a lot of different emoji, download now the app for free, test your skill and have fun !!!


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"Poker Slots" new app!!!
August 22 2015 (18:42:11) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

A new game for Android and iOS. "Poker Slots", a slot machine simulator where you win with poker rules. Have fun with this slot machine simulator with colorful and funny graphics, exciting sound and visual effects, great wins! If you like pair, two pairs, straight and flush please download now this nice app for free and good luck with Poker Slots !!!

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Performed School Themes finally for iOS
August 07 2015 (21:34:38) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

Performed School Themes is a collection with a lot of italian educational issues on various topics in ebook format useful to get prepared to the classworks or to the school examination and now is available also for iPhone and iPadThe themes are all in Italian and include topics such as literature, history, current events, Divine Comedy and more. You can read all the themes also offline.

Download Performed School Themes for iPhone/iPad from iTunes
 and good work :-)

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