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A fullscreen, fast and very easy to use PSX console emulator

EmuPSX XL is an emulator of the famous 32 bit console PSX (PS1, PSOne or Playstation 1).
The app emulates graphics, sounds and peripherals to perfection.
This PSX emulator is fullscreen, fast and very easy to use. Simply load your roms, play and have fun!!!

No games ROMs file are included in the application!
Screenshoots are from various Open Source / Demo / Free games

App features:

- High quality graphics emulation (use OpenGL)
- High quality sounds emulation (with stereo features)
- Easy to use ROMs find interface with deep scan (place your ROMs in your device "Download" folder)
- Load "img", "iso", "ccd", "cue", "sub", "bin" and "mdf" ROM files
- Load "7z", "zip" and "rar" archive files
- On screen controllers with various layouts and types with use of vibration
- Emulates PSX memory cards
- Multi disk game support
- Quick save and load game state

EmuPSX XL is based on the Open source PCSX ReARMed project.

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