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Love Test
Calculate and share the love's affinity for a couple of people.
NET Look
A network analyzer useful to check your device network configuration, explore your LAN and check WAN connection parameters.
Nine Sweet Months
This application calculate the expected date of birth and conception for pregnant women from the date of the last menstrual period.
Performed School Themes
Performed School Themes is a collection of italian educational issues on various topics in ebook format.
Photo Effects
An easy to use image and photo editing application.
Proportions Easy
This app lets you to calculate the unknown term of any kind of proportion including continuous proportions.
Recipes Book
A lots of step-by-step recipes to cook with your favorite food processor...
Scientific Calculator Dx
Scientific Calculator Dx is a professional scientific and graphics calculator with many useful features.
Talking Calculator
This talking calculator is aimed at children to support learning of numbers and basic operations. The app is also designed as a compensatory-speech tool for the inclusion of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Virtual Board
A virtual whiteboard allows you to write on your desktop computer
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