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Pentavideo finally on YouTube
November 05 2023 (13:29:04) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

Pentavideo its a comics, video games and various amenities channel and its finally on YouTube with Pentacomix an animated series with animations made in Java.
Funny characters and witty jokes await you! Have fun!!! 

[ www.youtube.com/@penta_video ]

[ Download Official App (Android) ]

[ Download Official App (iOS) ]

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Pentawire on itch.io
September 02 2018 (19:41:56) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

Pentawire in on itch.io. Yeah! We are indie now!!! :-) :-) :-)

Pentawire on Itch.io

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Kongregate plugin for Corona SDK
May 02 2018 (22:25:42) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

We release a simple Kongregate plugin for Corona SDK useful with HTML5 export. You can use the plugin to call Kongregate's apis like submit score to the leaderboard, get player name and more. The plugin is free and easy to use. Download zip file with plugin and example. Have fun ;-)

Download plugin and example zip file here (3.0 KB)
Corona SDK Plugin

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Free game graphics pack
August 04 2015 (16:20:20) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

Some original images used in our games and apps, you can download and use the images as you want. All the images in the compressed file are distribute under the terms of the CC-BY-4.0 license.
All the images are in png format and high resolution. Have fun ;-)

Download the zip file here (3.5 MB)

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Pentawire and Indie DB
August 04 2015 (13:43:59) Author: pentawire (0 comments)

Pentawire join Indie DB the indie game developers community.
This is our official page on Indie DB www.indiedb.com/members/pentawire Please support us!!! :-)

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